Key Exam Information

Subject:GCSE History
Exam board:Edexcel
Provisional exam dates:Paper 1 Crime and Punishment and Whitechapel – June 9th 2021 (1 hour and 15 minutes)Paper 2 Cold War and Anglo Saxons and Norman England June 16th 2021 (1 hour and 45 minutes)Paper 3 Weimar and Nazi Germany June 21st 2021 (1 hour and 15 minutes)
Links to subject pages on the exam board website{1755e4b2271dd6f1ca53f59d5568bca595f36d2c6811cdfafd5d721430c3d381}2FSpecification-and-sample-assessments
Revision websites:BBC Bitesize GCSE HistoryEdexcel exam board: past papers etcGCSE websites and information on the Revision guidance list for each unit (ask your history teacher for a copy if you don’t already have one)
Links to other resources:
(eg. Departmental Google classroom) 
Google classroom Yr11 Revision – you should have been invited by your class teacher who will post revision materials, example answers and exam guidance to the site. Please ask your teacher for a class code if you aren’t already a member.GCSE Revision resources list and guidance – from your history teacher or Mrs White in S13. 
Revision guides:
(Where to buy, price etc.)
You will be given revision booklets on the Germany Unit, Anglo Saxon and Norman Units and on the Cold War Unit free of charge by your class teacher.The revision guides for the Crime and Punishment are available for purchase from your history teacher at cost price of £2.99.