Key Exam Information

Exam board:AQA
Provisional exam dates:Listening: 19th May 2021 – 33.3{1755e4b2271dd6f1ca53f59d5568bca595f36d2c6811cdfafd5d721430c3d381}Reading: 19th May 2021 – 33.3{1755e4b2271dd6f1ca53f59d5568bca595f36d2c6811cdfafd5d721430c3d381}Writing: 21st May 2021 – 33.3{1755e4b2271dd6f1ca53f59d5568bca595f36d2c6811cdfafd5d721430c3d381}
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Revision websites:
(including any login information if appropriate) site gives a range of links to other revision sites.
Links to other resources:
(eg. Departmental Google classroom) vocabulary apps: Memrise/Duolingo
Revision guides:
(Where to buy, price etc.)
New GCSE French AQA Revision Guide – for the Grade 9-1 Course Revision Workbook and Revision Guide (Pearson) are available via MFL staff directly. Price: £3.00 each (RRP £5.99 each).